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Limited Edition Prints

Acrylic on Mountboard

Including gold acrylic paint

18 cm x 18 cm

Aprox 7 ins x 7 ins

Date painted October 2020

Scots Pine on gold

  • Different surface I normaly use are:

    Mountboard:  This is usually made for mounting pictures, createing a coloured or neutral mount between the painting and the frame and glass.  I like this surface as it has a beautiful smooth finish, (although some can be textured). It's firm so doesn't buckle under lots of water and can be used with Acrylic straight on, or first priming it, both give a very diffeeent effects which I love.


    Hardboard:  Hardboard, also called high-density fiberboard, is a good solid board usually I usually use 3mm thickness board, which I then give two coats of Acrylic primer, giving it a very strong textured surface, that the paint won't sink into.  This can then be used mainly with Oil paint or Acrylic paint.

    Plywood:  Thin layers of wood veneer, glued together at 45 degree angles, this a nice firm surface to paint on.

    Watercolour paper:  comes in three surfaces 'HP' (hot pressed) is a beautifully smooth paper. 'Not' is a medium textured paper, and 'Rough' is a really rough texture, all have their merits, and I like to use these from time to time with mixed media or Acrylic paint.


    Cartridge paper: can work nicely once taped down, again a nice surface to work from.


    Canvas: can be cotton or linen, which will give a very strong texture to the painting, this is primed before use.

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