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Copy of Bearded tit in reeds painting

Colour is my main passion and painting is in my blood.  My late father loved to paint and taught me so much more than I realised.  Some of the painting equipment I use daily had been his. 


Every day is a painting day and I’ve found so much to inspire me in the open spaces near where I live.  Especially during the lockdowns I found the passing seasons brought a sense of rest.  Focusing in on nature, especially early in the morning with a camera and seeing the sunlight flood the landscape highlighting new growth, such as fronds of bracken unfurling or the winter patterns of frost and those amazing blues shrouded in early mist and the haunting sounds of bird calls on the Solway coast.



My goal is to bring something of the colour, light and texture - the awesome beauty of creation - to you.  Light shining through meadow grasses, changing with the passing day and seasons, never fails to catch my attention.  I hope you enjoy my work and I’d love to hear your thoughts here on the website.  I have another website for my landscape paintings which you may be interested in here.


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