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Jamie Oldham - Landscape artist London U


If you have a space, such as a nice expanse of wall to fill, then a bespoke piece may be the answer. The subject of the painting could be a place or item that holds a special meaning for you. If that sounds appealing then please contact me here, we can discuss your ideas further. 


To start the process, I would ask you to have a look through my paintings on this website and on instagram and tell me which you like. Photos of the wall space you’d like filled would be a great help. This will all give me a clearer understanding of your preferences on the subject, material and style of the piece. It would also be helpful for you to consider the main colours you would like in the painting.


Each piece would vary in size, material and complexity, which means there are no standard prices. After an initial conversation I will create a sketch for you with a price and timeframe. If you would like to proceed I would ask then for a 50% deposit in order to begin the work, with the balance due on completion.


Creating the piece for you would take about two months. Again it will depend on the size and complexity of your piece.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for submitting!

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