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Bringing the

restorative power of nature into your home

Jamie Oldham - Landscape artist London U

I have recently returned to art full time after a bit of a detour.  I grew up, and now live in Cumbria. I studied art in Bath, exhibited mainly in London, and the North, and decided in Spring 2020 to focus on art full time. 

My motivation to paint is to reflect the beauty of nature with the hope of bringing some of that restoration into all our lives.  On these pages I hope you will discover the power nature has to heal and bring calm relief in our busy and stressful days. 

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My current painting themes

Until recently I have been mainly a landscape painter and love to paint outdoors in 'plein air', also from my photographs and sketches.

Lately I have been creating a collection of paintings depicting botanicals and British birds.  A strong gold theme developed initially with gold acrylic paint, but more recently gold leaf, which I find creates a striking contrast and backdrop to the image.

Curlew Time-lapse

Curlew Time-lapse

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I hope these time-lapse recordings give you a sense of my creative process, starting with a blank sheet, right through to the finished painting.

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“I love my painting. It's an absolutely stunning piece and the focal point of my garden room.


I commissioned the painting with a vague idea of what I wanted and the artist produced this unique masterpiece”


Jennie Ferris on her commission in 2019

I would love to create something unique for you that in itself becomes woven into your personal story. I hope a bespoke piece would bring joy, hope and contribute to creating a tranquil haven for you in the busyness of life. Click here to find out how to make this a reality.

Jamie Oldham painting plein air
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‘There is something about Jamie’s work that draws you in - for a moment you are there standing in that very same space, experiencing that same sense of awe that he sees in the natural world.’ 


‘Jamie’s work captures the light and energy that fills nature with breathtaking beauty.’ 


Peter & Sue E.

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